How Self-Confidence Can Help Improve Your Career

How Self-Confidence Can Help Improve Your Career

By Michelle Wanjiku

Jane has been working for an IT firm for the last four years, but she is still at the same level as when she started the job.

She graduated with a first class honours degree and she also possesses a few professional certificates. She has never once received a negative review, her boss knows that she does amazing work however, when a managerial position came up, she wasn’t even considered for the position.


Whereas, Grace who has only been at the company for two years, didn’t do that well in school and isn’t as qualified on paper got the promotion.

See Jane is known to be a very good employee; however, she never speaks up during interviews, doesn’t question any task she is given, she does what she is told even if she knows it won’t work.

Grace, on the other hand, is the exact opposite, she always gives her opinions in meetings and when it comes to her work, she is not afraid to tell her boss when she believes their approach is wrong.

Jane is shy and has no real confidence in her abilities while Grace knows she is good at what she does and as such, she feels it is okay to speak up when necessary.

Granted Jane’s work is just as good and her boss never complains about the quality of her work, and she looks to be a much better fit for the position on paper, her boss doesn’t think she has what it takes to be a manager.


Career growth doesn’t only depend on your qualifications; yes it will play a role but is equally important to have softs skills such as confidence.

You hear this all the time, if you want to pass an interview you need to be confident but the same also applies after you get the job. In order to grow in your career, you need to have self-confidence.


How can having confidence help you grow your career?

1. Increases your productivity at work

Self-confidence comes from self-awareness and this is one of the biggest contributors to career growth.

In order to grow you need to know what direction you want your career to go. Self-awareness will also help you figure out what you are good at and what you are weakest in.

This will enable you to work on your weaknesses and in the process improving your confidence in your abilities as well as productivity.

2. It will make you stand out

The reason why Grace got the promotion instead of Jane was that she stood out.

Recognition in the workplace doesn’t only come from your work, yes it’s good to be recognized for the quality of work you do but everyone else in the organization is a good worker as well. What makes you different?

You will find that most people who get promotions are people who have done more than what is required of them. Pitching good ideas in meetings is a great way to gain recognition, you not only want to be known as someone who just does a great job, but you should also be known as someone who can offer great solutions.



Are you like Jane or Grace? When it comes to growing as a professional you need to ensure that you believe in your abilities this is the only way others will also believe in your abilities.

It’s important to note that there is a fine line between self-confidence and arrogance; you need to ensure that you don’t cross it and turn into an arrogant employee.

Lack of confidence and too much confidence have the same effect on your career; they only serve to hold you back from achieving growth.


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