Poem: My dying young heart

Poem: My dying young heart

Charleston Flowers

By sunset, the rains could not allow the sun to shine so I slept before the night

But it was a very long night and my body stayed awake for ages

The night was so long that I could not wake up to see the light before dusk

The night was so young that the twilight could not send me to sleep

Was I ever going to sleep at all?

My hoary eyes could not catch a glimpse of transposition

The exchanges were so strong and my eyes grew lighter

But I was so afraid to blink my eyes for sleep was scary

I stayed awake all night long and did not feel tired of keeping wake

The night was long enough to kill my young heart of fearful shadows

Fears have engulfed my lonely heart

And my soul is gradually fainting to my lap

My eyes are becoming too heavier and falling out of its shell

For my blood has dried up and my body has become so wishy-washy

And my body is passing out to eternity and I may not live to see you my love.

Source : Robert Abeku Ansah


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