Revealed! The Secret To Passing Your Next Job Interview

Revealed! The Secret To Passing Your Next Job Interview

By Michelle Wanjiku

“I have attended 10 interviews in the last month, but I haven’t gotten a job yet. After my interview, I never hear back from the company.”

Can you relate to this dilemma? How many interviews have you attended in the last three months? How many job offers have you gotten from those interviews?

With the increase in the number of professionals, the job market has become very competitive, meaning that your CV alone will not help you get a job.

You might be very qualified for the job but if you do not do well in your interview, you will not get the job.

This means that improving your interview skills should be an important part of your job search strategy. After all, the better you are in interviews the more jobs you get offered.

The first thing you need to figure out is if you actually need interview coaching.


You need to get coaching if;

  1. You get interviews, but never jobs
  2. You get anxious every time you have to attend an interview
  3. You don’t know how to answer tricky interview questions
  4. You haven’t attended an interview for a very long time.

These could be things that are holding you back and preventing you from actually getting that job you want.

This is where interview coaching comes in; getting professional help on how to pass interviews will help you boost your chances of getting the jobs you interview for.

But what exactly would an interview coaching session offer you?


Benefits of  getting interview coaching

1. You get to know why you failed your last interview

One of the benefits of getting interview coaching is you get to find out why you didn’t manage to pass your other interviews and get tips on how to avoid the same mistakes next time.

You might be making the same mistakes at every interview you attend so knowing what you are doing wrong will improve your chances of getting the job.


2. You learn how best to answer interview questions

How you answer interview questions is what determines whether you get the job or not. It is therefore important that you know the best way to answer the common interview questions to boost your chances of actually passing that interview.

3. You get to eliminate stress and fear before your next interview

One of the major reasons why interviews make you nervous is your fear of the unknown. Not knowing what to expect in an interview and also not feeling well prepared.

However, going through interview coaching will help you know what to expect in an interview as well as prepare you to answer any questions you are asked.

This will give you a sense of confidence that will help you get rid of the nerves.

“Interviews have always been the most tormenting experiences for my career for the 5 years I’ve been working as an accountant.


As an introvert, I was that kind of a person who never understood why I had to build rapport with the interviewer. I mean, why not answer their questions well and leave the room?

The interview coach walked me through the benefits of slowly making a conversation with the interviewers to break the tension in the room by engaging talks that came from them. I was advised to be careful about this though.

Although it wasn’t directly related to the scenario, this trick allowed me to create a calm environment and got to understand that the interviewer is a person just like me!”



You don’t want to miss out on a great job opportunity just because you lacked the right interview skills.

To improve your chances of passing the next interview you attend, book a one on one mock interview session with us and learn how to answer the common interview questions, reduce your nervousness during interviews and more.

Source : careerpoint


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