You’re more intelligent than your husband – Kwaku Manu tells Lilwin’s wife

You’re more intelligent than your husband – Kwaku Manu tells Lilwin’s wife

Kwaku Manu has showered praises on Patricia Afriyie, the ex-wife of Kwadwo Nknsah Lilwin describing her as more intelligent and smarter than her husband, Lilwin during an interview on his show.

Patricia Afriyie who was divorced by Lilwin in 2017 but has now settled her issues with her ex-husband was on Kwaku Manu’s show to defend her husband against allegations thrown at him by his former manager, Zack Gh backed by Top Kay, the fetish priest.

It was during the show that Kwaku Manu asked Patricia how she felt when Zack and Top Kay went on radio to disgrace her after Lilwin divorced her to the extent of accusing her of sleeping around with different men and taking Lilwin to juju.

Patricia Afriyie revealed that in as much as she was very hurt, she realized Lilwin has divorced her alright but he was still a public figure and the father of her children so she wouldn’t come out and banter with him on the radio.

She took it that she is unknown by anyone so even if they disgrace her on the radio just TO give Lilwin a positive image, nobody will point at her when she IS walking in town because she is unknown but Lilwin will be mocked and insulted if she had come out and make unnecessary statements however true it may be.

That was when Kwaku Manu descended on Lilwin. Kwaku Manu stated that God should have made Patricia the man and Lilwin the woman because she is more intelligent than Lilwin. He then asked Lilwin to learn sense from his wife.

Patricia on the show revealed that Zack Gh is not the humble person he wants the whole world to think he is; He is fake and he is the person who influenced Lilwin to be who he is now.

Patricia claimed on the show that it was Zack and Top Kay who convinced his husband to kick her out of the house, She revealed Zack has indeed sent Lilwin to juju because he has confessed to someone.


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